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Peer Network Engagement Internship Application 2019-2020

Stony Brook Hillel Peer Network Engagement Internship (PNEI) Application 2019-2020

Be a Student Engagement Intern!

Join hundreds of students across the country as they transform Jewish life for their peers.

Build relationships.

Connect to Jewish life.

Create meaningful Jewish opportunities.


  • The Peer Network Engagement Internship is designed to dramatically enhance Jewish life on campus. Each campus employs a cohort of students with to build relationships with uninvolved Jewish students over the course of a year.

  • Each Intern is charged with building relationships with uninvolved Jewish students on campus. Serving as a resource to meaningful opportunities, the PNEIs strive to advance Jewish values in the context of their relationships.

  • Interns work to understand students' interests, passions, and aspirations - and connect them to opportunities that the students may find meaningful and engaging.

  • PNEIs are given a budget to plan initiatives that identify them as relevant and Jewish, enable them to meet uninvolved Jewish students and follow-up with them in an authentic, comfortable, and open way. Initiatives have the dual purpose of attracting uninvolved students and advancing Jewish values.

  • As a PNEI you will take place in a leadership training with other student leaders. This trip is fully funded by Hillel (travel, transportation, lodging and food is COVERED)




First Name
Last Name
Email Address
School Address
Home Address
What is your major?
What is your expected graduation date?
What is your involvement on campus? (clubs, research, jobs, etc)
Please list any leadership roles you may currently have or have held in the past.
Are you planning to be on campus for the 2019-2020 academic year?
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Do you have a GPA of 3.0 or higher?
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Please take some time to complete these short essays. We require no more than 500 words.

Describe a program/initiative you've helped develop. What hurdles did you face? What was successful? What was a lesson you learned from this?
The focus of this internship is building relationships with uninvolved Jewish students and connecting them to Jewish life. With this in mind, describe a time you reached out and built a relationship with someone new. How did you approach them? What was the experience like? What, if anything, was challenging? What did you learn about them that you would not have known otherwise? How did you continue to develop the relationship after the initial meeting?
Think of a time you had a meaningful conversation with someone. What made this conversation meaningful? Was there anything particularly different about this conversation (time, place, topic, partner)? How do you envision being able to create your own meaningful conversations?
Please attach a copy of your resume in a Word or PDF format. Be sure to include addresses, employment, activities in which you have participated, volunteer involvement, leadership positions you have held and honors or awards you may have received.
Please attach an unofficial copy of your university transcript in a Word, text or PDF format. We do not need official copies of your transcript and please do not send a hard copy.

Thank you for your interest in the Peer Network Engagement Internship

You will be contacted shortly regarding the next phase of the application process.


Jennifer Handel

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