High Holidays 2018


Hillel is proud to be part of the Stony Brook Interfaith Center on campus. Comprised of offices that represent Jewish, Christian and Catholic, and Islamic backgrounds, the Interfaith Center works to promote religious and spiritual life on campus. Additionally, there are several other SBU Student Groups, many of which are affiliated with Interfaith Center offices, that contribute the vibrant diversity of Stony Brook. 

Programming has included interfaith soccer games and board game nights; a 30 year old Interfaith Thanksgiving tradition, and Festival of Lights. We are working to create an Interfaith Council to facilitate further programming and collaborations among groups. We aspire If you are interested in being a leader or have programming ideas you would like to see become reality, please contact Hannah Sachs ([email protected]) for more details. 

Learn more about the Interfaith Center at Stony Brook University!