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Kesher Refuah: Medical Mission to Israel


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2015 Kesher Refuah Scholars with patients at Save a Child's Heart, Tel Aviv, Israel 

Kesher Refuah, or "The Medical Connection," is a three-week Global Health and Cultural Connections program in Israel for first-year medical students. The program was founded in 2007 on the premise that our development into physicians must be accompanied by our growth into culturally competent and self-aware human beings. In the past, Kesher Refuah sent Stony Brook medical students to Israel to learn directly from the nation's leaders in healthcare - including the Directors General of two medical centers and the individuals behind cutting-edge research- as well as the country's diverse patient population. Participants have also made enduring personal connections to Israel through celebrations of Shabbat with Israeli students in Jerusalem, moving visits to the Palmach Museum and Independence Hall, and powerful lectures by Avraham Infeld, former President of International Hillel. The future of Kesher Refuah is bright: our team has grown to six, and the program includes the North, where the group will learn first-hand about Israel's booming biotechnology sector and the history of the nation's kibbutzim. One-two scholars will also have the opportunity to remain in Israel for an additional 6 weeks to partake in ongoing research projects. 

Through Kesher Refuah, we can work together to enable young American medical professionals to create enduring connections to the State of Israel and the international medical community. Ultimately, it is these very bonds that represent Israe's greatest strength in the face of its ever-increasing challenges. Kesher Refuah was created to develop a support network of committed young physicians, knowledgeable and passionate, that will ensure Israel's continued growth and flourishing.

The success of Kesher Refuah has been made possible solely through the generosity of private donations.




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