Rebekka  Laskin

Rebekka Laskin

David Project Intern

I am Rebekka Laskin, I'm senior at Stony Brook University. My major is Technological Systems Management with a specialization Electrical Engineering, and a minor in Digital Arts. I have been involved with Israel and Jewish life on campus since my freshman year. I am a David Project Intern and a former Hillel Treasure. I also have been on Onward Israel this past summer where I lived in Haifa, Israel for 2 months and worked at a startup! Please contact me if you are curious about anything Israel or Jewish related on campus!

Jonathan  Kazakov

Jonathan Kazakov

David Project Intern
Hello all! My name is Jonathan Kazakov. I am a sophomore majoring in Applied Mathematics and Statistics. I am from Forest Hills, New York. The reason why I got involved in Hillel is because I grew up in a big Jewish neighborhood and have always been involved in Jewish life. When I came to Stony Brook, Hillel opened their arms and took me in as if I was a part of their family which is something that I cherish and love. I am a current David Project Intern as well as a Israel Liaison for Hillel and I hope to continue my experiences and memories with Hillel coming forward. 
Andrew Goldstein

Andrew Goldstein

David Project Intern
Andrew Goldstein is a David Project intern who likes long walks on the beach, long novels, and long coffee dates. He studies Journalism and pre-medical studies. In the past he has hosted events like coffee parties with College Republicans and College Democrats. He is hoping to meet new people who can attend and host events with him. Let him know if you have anyone in mind! 
Benny  Rahmani

Benny Rahmani

Hasbara Fellow
Benny Rahmani is a Junior year student at Stony Brook. His passion for Israel has led him towards numerous prestigious internships and fellowships. In winter 2016, Benny participated on the Hasbara Fellowships intensive training program in Israel, where he gained a lot of resources and knowledge on how to advocate for Israel successfully on campus. He is currently also the Soroff fellow at Stony Brook. Last spring, he tabled several successful events on campus including a t-shirt paint day for Israel Peace Week and an earth day campaign called "Think Green Think Blue". Benny was also a leader in planning the Start Up Nation Technology Fair this past spring, a panel and networking program with Israeli startups. Please feel free to contact him if you would also like to get involved. He can definitely help you with finding an internship in Israel and going on Birthright as well. 
Neil Dasgupta

Neil Dasgupta

StandWithUs Intern

Shalom, My name is Neil and this year I am a sophomore. I represent Stony Brook University for StandWithUs which is a very popular and large Pro-Israel education and advocacy group. My job is to bring events to campus that are both fun and educational when it comes to Israel and Zionism. I speak fluent Hebrew (half-Israeli) and I love being Jewish. Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people, and defending it is a duty for me.

Eilona  Feder

Eilona Feder

Mishelanu Intern

Hi! My name is Eilona Feder. I'm a junior majoring in biochemistry. I moved to Setauket, NY almost 3 years ago from Tel Aviv, Israel. From the moment I moved, I was looking for my fellow Jews and Israelis in order to feel some connection to Israel. Even though I was at a different college until this year, Hillel and Mishelanu at Stony Brook have made me feel at home with every Shabbat dinner, event and program that I'm a part of. This year, as a Mishelanu intern, I hope to become more active at Hillel as time goes by. Please contact me if you are Israeli or an Israeli-American or would like to learn more about joining out Mishelanu meetings and events.