Passover 2017


Celebrate the beauty, fun and tradition of Passover with Stony Brook Hillel

Passover Dates 2017: Evening of April 10th - 18th

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 Hillel is excited to offer you various opportunities to celebrate Passover on and off campus.

Seder Date:
Monday, April 10th

 Passover Seder Information

We are offering warm, friendly and participatory Passover Seder on campus. The Seder is open to all matriculated students, both undergraduates and graduates, as well as those individuals enrolled in fellowship, residency and post-doctoral programs and their spouses. A limited number of spaces are available for Stony Brook faculty and staff. 

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Registration CLOSES 4/4 Please email [email protected] for late registrations

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Seder Options

Monday, April 10th:

Traditional Seder:
                                                         This Seder will be led by Hillel Staff with participation from students.                            Students from all backgrounds are welcome to experience this classic Passover celebration at NO COST.

7:30 pm in East Side Kosher Dining Area (first floor near the Deli)

Tuesday, April 11th:

Seawolf Seder:
Interested in hosting your own Seder??? Hillel will provide you with everything you need to host your own Seder on campus! This fun and interactive Seder option will give students the chance to host themselves.Get Creative!

We will also be offering seats at local family homes for those that are interested in going to a Seder in the community.

Email Shaina at [email protected] if you have any questions!

Click Here to Register Now for Passover Seders on camps!

Registration CLOSES 4/4 Please email [email protected] for late registrations

Faculty/Staff Rates
First Seder: Monday, April 10th: $25

Kosher for Passover Food is Available on Campus!
Delancey Street Restaurant will be open all week during their regular hours. They will be offering a special
Kosher for Passover menu during the week of Passover.
Kosher for Passover Meals On Campus:
Our Delancey Street chefs at Carlos and Gabby's will be preparing fresh
kosher for Passover meals throughout the holiday.
Delancey Street is under the supervision of the Vaad Harabonim of Queens.

Contact [email protected] if you have any questions!

We Look Forward to Sharing the Beauty and Tradition of the Passover Holiday With You
For More Information Call 631-632-6565 or E-mail us [email protected]