Jewish Agency Israel Fellow



 Tal Mansur

 In partnership with the Jewish Agency for Israel, Stony Brook Hillel now has a full-time Israel Fellow as a member of the Hillel staff.


At Hillel: As Stony Brook Hillel's Jewish Agency Israel Fellow, Tal engages students to enhance their knowledge base about Israel. In order to accomplish this important goal, he facilitates Israel cultural and educational programs on campus, recruits students to participate in programs in Israel, and reaches out to students to help them connect to Jewish life through connections with Israel.

Tal will lead 2 Birthright Trips a year– one in the winter and one in the summer, along with various activities for students to connect with Israel. 

Tal is also be in charge of the “Mishelanu” group, for American – Israeli students on campus.


Working hand-in-hand with his Hillel colleagues, Tal supports students as they integrate Israel into their Jewish identity. By offering students a unique and authentic relationship with Israel and Israelis, Tal is helping students create a far more comprehensive understanding of Israel - its people, history and society.


Israel continues to be an effective engagement tool, providing students with various access points in which they can connect to peers and Jewish experiences, in a way that is meaningful and authentic for them.  


At Home: Tal served as a Lieutenant in the Military police of the Israel Defense Forces from 2009-2014 and has studied at Israel's Open University for a BA in political science and international relations.  He is a native of the City of Haifa where he also served as Chairman and CEO of the Haifa Youth Council.



Phone: 631-632-6565


Email: [email protected]

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