Frequently Asked Questions

How many Jewish Students attend Stony Brook University?

While it is hard to know the exact number of Jewish students enrolled in a public university, we estimate there to be a total of 2,500 Jewish undergraduate and graduate students at Stony Brook. 

Are there membership fees for Hillel?

NO! All students are welcome to attend our programs and events. We do ask that all students fill out a registration card each year so that we can make sure you receive communication about all of the latest Hillel news! Students who fill out registration cards are also able to vote in the annual Hillel Student Club elections, which are held each April.

Do students stay at Stony Brook over the weekends? What does Hillel offer?

We find that students who are involved in clubs, events and activities stay on campus during the weekends. In addition to a full line of Shabbat programming on Friday evening and all day Saturday, Hillel offers many Saturday evening and Sunday programs throughout the semester. Weekend events are primarily social and provide opportunities to relax and interact with friends.

Is there an eruv on campus?

There is an eruv that surrounds the entire Stony Brook campus and much of the surrounding community. It is checked weekly on Thursdays.For information on the eruv and a map click here. If you have questions about the status of the eruv, please contact Rabbi Joseph Topek. 

Does Hillel affiliate with any one particular denomination of Judaism?

NO! Stony Brook Hillel’s mission is to empower the next generation of Jewish leaders so that they may enrich and strengthen OUR Jewish future.  But more than that, our goal is to create a broad community of Jewish students who will feel encouraged to connect to one another, to Judaism and to Jewish values.  We welcome students of all of all backgrounds and affiliations. 

How do I get involved?

You can be involved on any level you choose! Join us at daily events or stop by The Snyder Hillel Center anytime to relax, chat or study.

Be sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter to learn about the latest Hillel news! For the most up to date information on programs like our Facebook page.

Hillel's growth and development are dependent on the strength of our student leadership. 

I am Jewish but I am not religious and I don't really know much about Judaism. Can I still be part of Hillel?

Of course! We welcome everyone at Hillel, regardless of religious background. If you'd like to learn more about Judaism we have many opportunities for Jewish Learning. In addition, we also have many exciting social and cultural programs as well.

Do you offer jobs or internships?

We offer several internship opportunities at Stony Brook Hillel, which include our Soroff Israel Fellowship and our Peer Network Engagement Internship. Hiring for these opportunities takes place in April and appointments are for the following academic year. Click here to learn more. 

I am looking at colleges and I want to visit Stony Brook Hillel to see what Jewish life is like on campus. Can I meet with someone from your staff?

Yes! We welcome prospective students and their parents to visit our office. Email [email protected] to set up a time! We will be happy to answer your questions over the phone or in person. 

Who works at Hillel?

Click here to learn more about our experienced staff.

Is there a specific place for observant students to live on campus?

There is no campus housing that is designated for any particular group. All of the buildings on campus have electronic card entry. Any student who is Shabbat observant should request a building that also has "Sabbath key access". This will allow you to check out a manual key for use on one designated door on Shabbat and other holidays. The entire campus is within an eruv.

Observant students should avoid requesting to live in Nobel Halls because they have sensors for temperature and other controls that cannot be overridden so we advise students not to live in those buildings. If you have any questions please contact the Division of Campus Residences.

I keep kosher. Which meal plan should I purchase?

Kosher dining on campus does not accept "meals" from the meal plan, however they DO accept "dining dollars". If you are a student that keeps Kosher you will need to select the special dietary restrictions section when you are signing up for your meal plan to enroll in the "Declining Balance Meal Plan" (basically a meal plan that only gives students dinning dollars). First year students are required by the university to have a meal plan. First year students who keep Kosher should elect to a plan that is labeled as a "Declining Balance Meal Plan" that includes dinning dollars only. Upperclassmen will be able to purchase any meal plan and should not have any difficulty enrolling in the "dinning dollars only" meal plan. 

If you have any issues with meal plan enrollment please call the Meal Plan Office at (631)632-6517 for assistance. 

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