David Project

The David Project positively shapes campus opinion on Israel by educating, training, and empowering student leaders to be thoughtful, strategic and persuasive advocates.

The organizations approach emphasizes building relationships with diverse communities on campus and helping students to use their Israel experience to relate to their peers. Students are encouraged to get to know what is important to the student leaders they are engaging and find common ground. Then, by helping the students plan innovative programming that brings together two or more groups, the campus conversation is being elevated. More students are being reached and, often for the first time, Israel is brought into their world views. This improves both Israel’s perception and the campus overall.


Outcomes for the Interns Include:

  • Participating in the creation and execution of a campus strategic outreach plan
  • Coaching on how to have meaningful conversations about Israel with their peers
  • Creating authentic partnerships between campus communities
  • Training in relational advocacy


Students are eligible to be a David Project Intern if:

  • They are enrolled as a Stony Brook University undergraduate


David Projects Interns will be expected to:

  • Build relationships with student leaders in multiple campus organizations
  • Develop programs that bring communities together
  • Attend weekly meetings with the Stony Brook Israel Fellow
  • Participate in the David Project training hosted over the summer


Learn more about The David Project

For more information, contact Gal Malka or call 631.632.6565

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