Kesher Refuah: The Medical Connection

We regret to inform you that due to growing health concerns around COVID-19 and Stony Brook University restrictions, we have no choice but to cancel this year’s Kesher Refuah - Medical Mission to Israel for our health sciences students.  Check back in early 2021 for any information about the Kesher Refuah mission for next year.



2018 Kesher Refuah delegation at the Sieff Government Hospital in Tsfat, Israel


Stony Brook University medical students of all faiths have the unique opportunity to join the Kesher Refuah delegation to Israel, an initiative created by Stony Brook Hillel. Over the course of 10 days, the delegation will be exposed to new medical innovations, interact with top medical professionals, visit world-renowned medical facilities, and share experiences with Israeli peers. In addition to creating a medical connection, the delegation will explore the culture, land, people and history of Israel.

Founded in 2008, Kesher Refuah has provided over 50 students the opportunity to participate in our highly-subsided program. Upon returning to the US, they have a more nuanced understanding of how to engage diverse populations through the healthcare system. Our Kesher Refuah alumni represent different faith traditions, specialize in varying medical fields, and join a community of students inspired to share the beauty and complexity that is Israel.


Highlights of Kesher Refuah


Explore Rambam Hospital's underground facility used in times of crises converted from an every day parking lot

Meet with physicians on the front lines treating wounded Syrian civilians and facing the challenge of upholding the medical oath under adversity

Learn about ethical dilemmas during the Holocaust from the perspective of Jewish doctors practicing in the ghettos

Walk the streets of the Old City of Jerusalem while engaging with words of the past from key religious figures to explore the relationship between faith and medicine


Kesher Refuah is made possible solely through the generosity of private donations.


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