Jewish Learning Programs

Stony Brook Hillel offers a variety of learning opportunities for our students but are excited to share some of the amazing programs that exist in the Jewish world. Feel free to reach out to Stony Brook Hillel staff with questions about any of the programs below or other programs.



BCI: Brandeis Collegiate Institute

Through artistic exploration, dynamic trans-denominational learning, spiritual reflection, and outdoor exploration, BCI provides you with a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the diversity of Jewish culture, to envision your own Jewish life, and to connect to community. Since, dance, sculpt, write, act, and express yourself through the arts with our gifted professional artists-in-residence as they guide you through a creative process of spiritual and reflective discovery. Plant and harvest in our organic garden, preserve trees, hike new trails, and camp out under the stars. Immerse yourself in discussions about Jewish texts, philosophy, history, culture, and issues of identity, ethics and community with some of the leading thinkers in the Jewish world.

Learn more about BCI: Brandeis Collegiate Institute


Mechon Hadar

Learning at Hadar is intellectually stimulating, religiously relevant, and spiritually alive. Join a community that asks honest, hard questions—and finds creative, unexpected wisdom in our sources and tradition—a community where we learn together not just to become smarter or wiser—but also better people. If you have an hour, an evening, a day, a week, a summer, or a year—you can spend it with Mechon Hadar. 

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Project Zug

Study online with a havruta (partner) in America, Israel, or around the world. Explore easy-to-follow and engaging courses with outstanding teachers. Connect your community through a partnership with Project Zug 


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